Thursday, 12 July 2007


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Is not a good virus! It came from SIV, which primates have for the whole of their lives. They would live longer without it, and we can make the Simian antiviral (SAV) using the method below!
Sorry this one is so technical! Blame HIV. It make three chemokines to denude the human immune system, along side the 80% of its genome, which is ape centric.
These are very subsidiary immune signals, which make the HAV (Human antiviral), but misses out on the immune system positive feedback.
This means there is no waiting T cell, to load the HAV onto the macrophages: I told you this was involved!
We know the HAV, as it is produced in quantity, as the HIV+ become full AIDs. This only works, as the HAV builds in concentration only slowly!
So if we give a drip of IL-2 (A cytokine, which are superior to the chemokines) we activate the white blood system, and tap into the immune system feedback.
The white blood cells now action the HAV, and the patient clears the HIV infection.
If we make pills of this HAV, and give it to somebody before full AIDs develops, we spike the antibody level.
This activates the white blood system, and we get IL-1+, and IL-2…21 naturally. We get the full immune action, and clear the HIV from the body, before we get full AIDs.
Enough, ask me questions!

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