Thursday, 26 July 2007

Nuclear fusion

Written by Jonathan Thomason M.Eng -
Is important, as it is how the sun shines! It has a turbulent mass of H gas, which does nuclear fusion!
But in the deep sea, we have a turbulent body of water, and this does molecular nuclear fusion! Which is why the seas release He, O and a lot of the heat that life on Earth depends on.
A boiler room of boiling kettle does molecular nuclear fusion. As do plants in the sun light! Your heart does it every time it beats! Which is why you breath out He! Though you don't breath much in.
Growing bacteria do it: Nature does it all around us. All man's chemical engines do it. But once we know this, we can design engines that release no CO2! Academics don't want you to know this, as they make too much money from the phantom science of Global Warming!

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