Monday, 30 July 2007


In the 70s, academics predicted the next ice age. Then we got the blazing summer of 1976. Then they predicted a warming of the Earth. And we had the summer of 207, the worst summer of 258 years!
In 2001 I told Sheffield University we would get global wetting: I know it was a waste, as academics can’t even get the weather right tomorrow. My PhD got ended fro no reason.
They we had floods in York, Australia, New Orleans and now Oxford. The latter means that loads of academic got wet! There is justice in the world!
No mechanism, but now academics are predicting more tornadoes, because that is what is happening!
Academics know nothing. National Geographic said the flooding of New Orleans was due to rising sea levels.
But they have not risen! With all the floods, they should have fallen! New Orleans flooded due to the removal of salt marshes, which shielded the city from tornadoes.
I will not be renewing my subscription, due to the worst bit of journalism I have even read!

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