Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Stopping volcanoes

Written by Jonathan Thomason M.Eng - At a dormant volcano, we have a magma chamber of the Earth's mantel, which fills with super heated water at 250 C: It is only liquid because of the high pressure. Then we get a small earthquake, or series of them, that releases the pressure. The water in the magma chamber then evaporates, as champagne blows out, when you remove the cork, and the CO2 forms gas. So we can stop them! We locate the magma chamber with Earth bound sonar, and drill down to the chamber. We then slowly vent the water, maybe using the liquid for area heating, or just run it off into the sea! So we drop the pressure in the magma chamber, as we remove the super heated water. We are probably left with a source of heated water, that yields no CO2. On the latter subject, animals breathing and cows farting and twenty times as important as you driving a car! But the 0,000378% CO2 tracks the climate, it do

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