Thursday, 2 August 2007

Al Gore

Jonathan Thomason Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

Is not a scientist! He is a politician. With a slick video, though it borrowed stills from ‘Water World’ – a Hollywood film. That sank without trace. Which I hope Al Gore will too!
Since Global Warming was devised, a quarter of a century has passed. By now most of the developed world should be desert – and should never flood, as Oxford, York, New Orleans and Australia have all done.
What we are seeing is natural climate change – nothing to do with man burning stuff! That just makes him a super animal, and increases life on Earth.
After all, plants are very good at taking in CO2, which is why there is only 0.000037% CO2 in the air. A good approximation is 0%!
Good job it is not or all life on Earth would die.
The Global Warming theory said in 1982 that in the next 25 years, sea levels would rise by 20 feet! Strangely enough, Al’s video does not refer to this!
With all the floods, sea levels should have gone down. But lets face it, if anywhere was going to flood, isn’t it ironic that a great university town should flood!
If the $70 billion wasted on looking into natural climate change had been spent on flood defenses, never would have happened!
And think of all the hospitals, roads and schools we could have paid for! And it goes on. A total waste of money, looking in to phantom science!
Global Warming was such a joke, scientists now call it climate change – but it is the same NATURAL weather. Get over it. This is what the weather does.

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