Thursday, 2 August 2007

Life was good

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In the age of the dinosaurs, the temperature difference between the equator and Poles was 10 C less: The equator was cooler, the Poles warmer.
There were forests at the South Pole, and rain forests were there are now deserts.
Sea levels were 65 meters lower. There was 60% more life on Earth! Then something happened, and 80-% of life on Earth died: Forming the fossil fuels.
Even today there is 40% less life.
You see life on Earth is based around plants and bacteria taking in CO2. And releasing O2, and making plant and bacterial bulk.
A lot of this life ended up on the sea floor, as methyl hydrate. Only if this abducted to the deep did we get fossil fuels. So most of life is held in death’s grip on the sea floor.
If we mine this methyl hydrate and reduce the pressure, we get methane and water. We pressurize the methane, which his basically natural gas.
As we burn it, bacteria and plants turn it back into methane and carbohydrates. There is a massive sink for CO2.
That academics have not even entered into their calculations. Which is why there is only 0.000037% CO2 in the air you breathe! And yes, this was the PhD I was doing at Sheffield University, with Prof Zimmerman.
Do not talk science unless you are a scientist! Don’t do an Al Gore, and scare everybody with a slick Hollywood video, which is pure fiction.
Don’t forget, Global Warming was only thought of, as the summer of 1976 wiped out all academic talk of the next ice age. You driving a car does not matter: That bright glowing sphere is the sky does!
The sun affects the climate on Earth, not you megalomaniacs.

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