Wednesday, 1 August 2007


Jonathan Thomason Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ
Before the industrial revolution plants took in so much cO2 from the air, it had fallen from 40% to 0.00002%.
After the industrial revolution, it has increased to 0.000037%. The 0.00002% is a total guess! It might have been 0.000037%, we have no way of checking.
All life in Earth is supported by plants and bacteria taking in CO2: They excrete the O2 you breathe – it their waste gas.
So by putting out more CO2, man is a super animal. CO2 supports all life on Earth – it is crazy to suggest it will kill life! O2 is the greatest polluter in Earth’s history.
And CO2 has no link to past climate – the sun’s cycles DO! Be Green, put out MORE CO2. Your Rhubarb will love you for it!

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