Sunday, 1 March 2009

Biology does fusion

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

In the US, the photosynthetic organelles in green plants are called chloroplasts; in the UK they are called photblasts! Either way, they are so important to life on Earth.
In the light they take in CO2 and combine it with water, in the light! This ends up with He+, OH- and CH4. Most of the CH4 is linked with more waters to form hydrocarbons.
Only a little CH4 is liberates, at the parts per trillion level. The He+ crosses a semi permeable membrane, whereas the hydroxyl molecule stays behind!
So the chloroplasts act as a battery, pumping an electron across a membrane – or rather pumping an electron hole across a membrane, as the electro is kept back.
Doing this, plants give off gamma radiation. Much the same happens in animal bodies. Where mitochondria turn CO2 and water into OH-, He+ and CH4.
All these OH-s bond together, to form water and O2. This is why plants excrete O2, and circus men can hold their breathe for 3 minutes! Don’t try it at home; you will give yourself brain damage.
This is how Houdini lost his life! After he was ill, and did not realize that this stopped the holding your breathe trick!
So CO2 is the gas of life! And you breathe out He and CH4.
And every green plant in the world does molecular nuclear fusion.

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