Sunday, 22 March 2009

Letter to Prof. Z

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

You say molecular nuclear fusion is too weak: This is silly! If it was not for the molecular nuclear fusion IC engines do, they would take in heat as they oxidized fuel.
Diesel engines run at higher pressure, so do more molecular nuclear fusion! This is why diesel engines are so powerful!
Steam engines run off pure steam, so they do more molecular nuclear fusion, but they take longer to get to heat! Hence diesel engines are used in preference.
I outlined to you how a steam turbine could be run off a Windscale kettle: Where some of the boiler room steam is looped back to below the boiler liquid and this keeps the boiler in a state of boiling.
If we throw away to spent steam, we have to loop back 85% of their steam, so we condense the spent steam on a Carnot heat pump, which will return 90% of the process heat.
You are right. More work needs to be done here for a commercial plant, using H flames or steam plasma tubes.
But for personal use, this will generate all the heat and power for a house! Run off water – a cup full a year!
No CO2 or the toxic death of nuclear fission. So no chance of Global Warming, or early death! The world has been cooling for 4 years now, so the Public Relations company employed by nuclear power have decided CO2 affects the weather.
They do not know their history! There have been ice ages and warm period before man! CO2 tracks the weather, so goes up in an ice age, down in a warm period.
If you are interested in truth, why no tell the world that Global Warming and Climate Change are Public Relations by nuclear power, and so much rubbish!
By paying academics to write papers for them, they have turned academia into their stooges!

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