Sunday, 22 March 2009

Life does fusion

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All life on Earth does molecular nuclear fusion: If it was a minor sideshow, life would not bother! But it is crucial to life.
In the air we see molecular nuclear fusion, as light hits water vapor.
In the seas we see molecular nuclear fusion at hot smokers! This is nice, as there will be a radioactive fingerprint on the smokers we have raised to the surface.
The gas which rises from a hot smokers will be O and He! There is no other way those gases would be there at such high levels.
Though the deep does produce He and O: Which is why deep caverns are not death tunnels! They produce O!
I have mentioned before green crops in the light produce He, O, CH4 and gamma rays: The signature of molecular nuclear fusion involving CO2.
So there are massive sinks for CO2! Life uses it to induce molecular nuclear fusion.
Physics have seen molecular nuclear fusion for as long as they have used bubble chambers! You shoot sub atomic particles through water, and set off a train of molecular nuclear fusion!
You apply a magnetic charge to bend the trails of bubbles.
Gas plasmas do nuclear fusion! Steam, IC and jet engines all do molecular nuclear fusion.
Your own beating heart does molecular nuclear fusion! I though in 2004, if there was a way to do nuclear fusion on Earth, nature would have found it!
And it has! All life on Earth does molecular nuclear fusion!

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