Monday, 30 March 2009

Not our fault

By ‘JonThm’ on Jonathan Thomason

After Chernobyl nuclear power realized they only way they would get new plants, would be to be green!
Fast breeders are a lost cause, only the French will allow these plants here them! They use Pr, one of the most toxic substances on earth! When a fast breeder goes off, all life in Europe will cease! I estimate this will occur by 2020!
They actually use Pt to boil off water, and this turns some of the water into He and O: It does molecular nuclear fusion. But there are loads of ways to do it, without Pt! Go view my blog for more about this.
With u, you mine it, process it, and ship it half way around the planet. These days they have nuclear ships! Due to boiling water, conventional ships release ¼ of the radiation a nuclear ship does.
But mining the U ore kills and pollutes. Then the chain of centrifuges uses so much power! This tends to be conventionally powered, as a nuclear plant cost up from $20 billion!
But the really big one is building the plants. This uses concrete. And guess what, this releases a massive amount of power. To build plants which are turned over every 25 years.
All the staff then uses conventional cars to get to and from work. So in the end, nuclear power releases as much cO2 as a connectional plant.
Nuclear power had paid their academic stooges to write about the dangers of CO2. They paid the wrong guys – CO2 is the gas of life, and it is a trace gas in the global air!
Plants TAKE in CO2, and excrete the O that forms the O2 we breathe! We breathe in the waste gas of plants. In the light they form the carbohydrates all animals eat.
They release He, as photosynthesis is really light induced biological molecular nuclear fusion. CO2 is how life dose nuclear fusion. CARN can’t but a pot of grass seed does, in the light.
This is why there is only 0.00037% CO2 in the global air: I have trouble converting 3.7 parts per million to percentage, which his why the nuclear stooges only quote ppm!
You have seen higher figures, but they are from by engine exhausts in the city. Which are not 50 C warmer than around! If you discount the heat from the engine, they are not 0.000001 C warmer!
The clue is in the name ‘Global Warming’. Cities are such a small area of the globe, to get a real figure, you want in the middle of the Pacific. But there it is at 2 ppm – the same number as before the Industrial Revolution.
You see we think we are big and important. The earth has not even noticed we are here.
CO2 has been higher: 4ppm. In the middle of an ice age! Hold on, I thought CO2 caused Global Warming. No, that is a line being mindlessly recited by ‘green’ warriors.
High CO2 figures go with ice ages. And the world has been cooling since 2005. As predicted by solar emission cycles.
So nothing to do with man: We have been trying to tell you this for 20 years, but nuclear power has spent $10 million a year for 20 years, to get articles written by their nuclear stooges.
How do we spot a stooge? Easy. Any scientist would have stopped writing articles about Global Warming about 20 years ago!
Nuclear power is not Green: It is toxic death!

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