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Nuclear fusion

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On suns we have hot, high pressurized H gas, in turbulent flow as it boils! Interestingly enough, the gas further down is under higher pressure, but we get lower temperatures.
It seems that turbulent flow is needed! Actually Prof. Zimmerman told me this is 2001, but I was working on a Carnot device to shuttle heat to and from the seas.
So we cool the hot lands, and warm the cold ones! And make all lands hotter. I actually found the idea, but by then I was rehearsing to sing on the largest theatre stage in the UK: Having fallen out with Prof Zimmerman.
I concluded that Global Warming was Public Relations by nuclear power: Who were desperate to be ‘green’ to get new plants. Global Warming looked good, until the world started cooling from 2005.
Nuclear power renamed the effect of CO2 as ‘climate change’ and carried on saying CO2 would end all life on Earth.
There is no historic basis towards their claims! Plants take in CO2, so cO2 FOLLOWES the natural climate, with a lag of four years, to follow the wax and wane of plants.
CO2 goes up in an ice age, down in a warm period. Usually more CO2 means more life on Earth!
So in 2003 I started looking for natural instances of nuclear fusion from molecular hydrogen – which I termed ‘molecular nuclear fusion’ after a comment from Prof Argent about ‘molecular fusion’ being ambiguous.
I did an M.Eng. in 1982, so I knew plenty of places.
1) In water falls or breaking waves. I termed this ‘turbulence molecular nuclear fusion’. A fluid turbulent is the obvious catalyst here.
2) We see loads of molecular nuclear fusion in the deep. This is why deep water gives out He, O and gamma waves. This is the common signature of molecular nuclear fusion from water.
3) Ammonia or hydrocarbon refineries do ‘refinery molecular nuclear fusion’. And here we tend to see C and molecular fragments.
4) In electrolysis, we see molecular nuclear fusion. This was the basis fro ‘cold fusion’. This turns out to be ‘hot water, electric, molecular nuclear fusion’. Interesting but very weak.
5) Special mention must go ‘Sono Fusion’. Here it was found that if you bubbled air though water through which you played radio waves, you get a standing ball of light. I will come back to this idea soon.
6) Steam in turbulent flow does molecular nuclear fusion. So we know about the emission of radiation from such sources: In steam engines, as steam goes around bend s, and as steam emerges from a blast furnace.
You may be puzzled about this, but they damp down scrap before they smelt it, and coal before they use it to generate pressure.
7) It is worth reiterating that the steam cycle does molecular nuclear fusion! Which his why both conventional and nuclear fission plants run a steam cycle to generate power: And this cycle even gives off radiation from a conventional power plant.
The most interesting emission of radiation for me is from gas plasmas! But any atomic nuclei above He needs a driving current!
8) Biology gets in on the act in a big way!
Plants in the light take in CO2 and H20, and from He, O, CH4 and give out gamma rays!
Animal blood systems take in CO2 and H2O, and give out gamma rays and guess what, so do growing bacteria!
We are so living in the fusion age! In 2003 I looked around, and found nature was full of molecular nuclear fusion! Not all of it good!
9) Scraping ice forms a low volume of water in contact with the ice, which his why ice skates work so well!
But it caused the loss of the Titanic, as well as the fall of the twin towers: Where steam from the burning aviation fuel, did molecular nuclear fusion down the stair well of the twin towers.
10) All Earth quakes and volcanoes are powered by steam escaping to the surface in turbulent flow. Then super heated water follows.
And here we get boiling fusion, which does massive molecular nuclear fusion, as the water first boils and then condenses.
In the same way avalanches are driven by the same molecular nuclear fusion as ice skates!
11) I promised to return to Sono Luminescence. We can run a Windscale kettle, where bubbling steam through liquid water will produce excess steam, while the boiler is kept in a state of boiling. I guessed at 10% recirculated steam, but this runs down! 100% reci9rculated steam keeps the state of boiling up.
So there is more research work to be done here. NASA showed that boiling water gave of radiation – as it does molecular nuclear fusion!
The other engineering way to do molecular nuclear fusion is via a steam plasma. This will self sustain, converting water into 800 C heat. With no CO2 or the toxic death of nuclear fission.
Molecular nuclear fusion turns water into He, O gammas and heat. As
done by the deep sea! We lose the He3 to space, and get to keep the heat.
12) The third most important way to do nuclear fusion on Earth, is via a flame of hydrocarbons or carbohydrates. This produces steam in turbulent flow.
High pressure water or steam in turbulent flow does molecular nuclear fusion.
So you have read my 12 ideas. I have others, but get out there are build fusion engines! Save us from nuclear power, who want us to have a toxic death!

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