Thursday, 5 March 2009

Water Lorry

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

This idea was suggested to me in 1002 (sic) by Prof Zimmerman, who has a double first from Columbia, but now does his stuff within chemical engineering at Sheffield University, UK.
He told me to get better heat flow from a fluid, we want turbulent flow. This was interesting. But he should have used a Geiger counter, and observed that if the fluid was steam, we got molecular nuclear fusion!
In 2007 NASA showed that boiling liquid water gave off radiation. Because the turbulence of boiling does molecular nuclear fusion too! So NASA discovered how to do nuclear fusion on Earth, but still whitters on about the Public Relations of nuclear power – Global Warming!
I went away singing, as you tend to when bored. OK, it is what I do when I fall out with my PhD boss! But I carried on thinking about it.
Now turbulence locally can overcome the strong atomic force and do nuclear fusion. As we see on all suns in the universe.
Where a boiling mass of H gas does atomic nuclear fusion! Tell CERN, as Prof Zimmerman said in 2001, ‘Linear slow will never give nuclear fusion. You want turbulent flow’.
We were talking about Global Warming at the time, so this was a side comment. It took me two years to think about it.
I stared wondering about molecular nuclear fusion in 2002. We should see it all through nature! Then I realized we did! It was obviously the reason I did my M.Eng.
In water falls and breaking waves. Where the large kinetic interactions give us the fluid turbulence. But we need deep water, or big water falls.
In steam pipes, machines, IC and jet engines. Basically all man’s chemical engines. This is why oxidizing hydrocarbons does not take in heat, as the enthalpy changes says we should. We do molecular nuclear fusion, which releases so much heat.
Nuclear power uses metal oxide tubes to run a steam cycle! Metal fission tubes are toxic death. They should use steam plasma tubes.
On Earth today, gas plasma tubes give out radiation and heat. An H plasma gives out too much heat. As the mob in Ireland will have found.
A steam plasma tube gives us enough molecular nuclear fusion, once started, we display tube rub on, for as long as we top up the water level.
The heavier elements dilute the naked power of the H plasma, and will eventually fission away to light.
There are so many ways to do molecular nuclear fusion. But plasma molecular nuclear fusion looks to be the most useful.
It converts ordinary water into light! On the way, it liberates free neutrons, which bond with the O, and cause atomic fission at low atomic weights! Here the half lives are measured in minutes, and cause the low atomic mass elements to fission away to H and light.
So we put in energy to start the tube, then the plasma runs itself! Is Prof. Zimmerman interested? He says so, but his big problem today is affording the Geiger counter! His email is

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