Tuesday, 4 August 2009


By JonThm on YouTube.com Jonathan Thomason
Prof Zimmerman told me in 2001, linear flow of H gas around a large torrous, was never going to give nuclear fusion. CERN wanted to use turbulent flow.
Linear flow is smooth, and the jostling of hot H atoms, was never going to overcome the strong atomic force, to get H atoms to fuse.
What we want is jostling flow – turbulent flow. Then the interactions between H atoms ARE strong enough, and we form He, gamma rays, plus loads of heat.
On the surface on suns, the boiling of H atoms gives this type of flow! So go see how nature does it.
On Earth the boiling of H2O does a bit of molecular nuclear fusion. This is a good match fro our machines and needs.
CERN is too dear, too ineffective today, and when they spin the nuclei of H, too big! They want a small torrous, or reverse the spin using magnetic fields, every 100 yards!
Then we kill all life within 15 km, as is produces too many gamma rays. The medics have found that steam plasmas produce heat and gamma rays, and area great way to sterilize medical kit.
A steam plasma tube is my way to do nuclear fusion, and replace fatal fission tubes. On YOUTUBE today I got an abusive message, for saying that plants take in CO2.
They do – to support all life on Earth. By the time I logged on, the message had gone, and his only comment was that I was the inventor of nuclear fusion.
Dr MatZinger told me that in 2001. I have sent her my stuff on steam plasma tubes, and she is a medic. They are the only people working on steam plasmas today.
Wake up Prof Zimmerman, and smell the molecular nuclear fusion going on!

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