Saturday, 1 August 2009

Fusion is now!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
Prof Zimmerman, of Sheffield University, UK told me that H gas in turbulent flow did nuclear fusion. The linear, smooth flow used by CARN, was never going to work!
The sun is hot and full of light, so the brain dead think hot H, with light does nuclear fusion: Oxford University has just got £1 billion to look at H plasmas, being hit with laser light.
It might work, it may well not! If it did, it would turn H into energy, with no toxic end product. The water is full of H, bonded to O, as water. A quick bit of electrolysis releases the H.
Na plasmas are the basis for fluorescent tubes, and show Na gas being turned in light, via He and H. With the emission of gamma rays! The alter are a signal that nuclear stuff is going on – chemical processes are not energetic enough to make them.
Oxford is being a bit stupid! They are going for one light blast every 3 hours. But a discharge tube gives us a steady H plasma.
We apply current, but get out so much power. We do convert the H into power, but the world is not short of H!
I think we are better off using a steam plasma, to supply both heat and power. Ask
And while you are on-line, ask him why my PhD into this stuff is on suspension.

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