Thursday, 27 August 2009

Nature’ Power

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

Nature gets most of its power from nuclear fusion. Wherever we have high pressure water, or steam in turbulent flow, some of the exposed Hs collide, and we see molecular nuclear fusion.
The electrons shield the O, but the Hs nucleus is exposed half the time. What we need is for the kinetic interactions to occur for two Hs, and overcome the strong atomic force.
This happens in the deep, in green plants in the light, in your own beating hear and all man’s chemical engines.
As a lightening strike travels up into the cloud, we get a steam plasma. This gives us chaotic flow of moist air, and we see molecular nuclear fusion!
This is why lightening bolts yields so much power. Tell CERN, nature does molecular nuclear fusion from water. Has for over 4 billion years!

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