Friday, 7 August 2009

The Ozone story

He is hard to detect: You need to sample the air, and tae it back to the lab. for gas analysis. However with molecular nuclear fusion, the human nose can detect O3 – ozone.
It is formed as molecular nuclear fusion turns water into He and O. The free radical O bonds with molecular oxygen, to form O3 – ozone.[i]
We get O3 at the sea shore, above the deep shore, above peat bogs, and at water falls[ii]. We even get it over fields of green crops in the light: All areas where molecular nuclear fusion is occurring.
Electrical switch gear[iii] and chemical engines also form O3, as they do molecular nuclear fusion.
The water molecule is not broken apart to form H and O, or we would see thermo nuclear explosions ever five minutes, as cosmic rays started H explosions[iv]! Instead we lose the He to space, but keep the O3, until it is dissociated in the stratosphere.
My reference here tries to explain a H explosion using chemistry. You can’t! Hold a Geiger counter at a balloon of H, as you hold a lighted match to the balloon. When you hearing has returned, you have just experience a thermonuclear blast.[v]
We make O, but this is blamed on chemistry in our bodies. Where the CH4 and He come from, is not explained.[vi]
But at water falls and breaking waves, there is no chemical process that could make O! Except if we accept we are doing molecular nuclear fusion, in a nuclear reaction.[vii]
[v] The colonizer and the colonized By Albert Memmi

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