Saturday, 6 March 2010


By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
‘Just In Time’ is an engineering term for a timely discovery. So it is with molecular nuclear fusion!
Nature turns water into He, O and a lot of heat! So power with no CO2, or the toxic death of nuclear fission. Fission pollutes and kills on a continental scale!
Google ‘Chernobyl’ to get the idea.
But molecular nuclear fusion is free, and is how nature gets at energy. Man already does it, in the steam cycle – nobody had every explained why a working steam engine gave off gamma radiation.
As Prof Zimmerman pointed out to me, the turbulent flow of steam does nuclear fusion! OK, he was actually talking about the turbulent flow of H gas, but steam works just as well.
So deep water volcanic vents give off radiation and heat as they do molecular nuclear fusion. As do plants in the light, and animal blood systems all day.
So all around and in us!

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