Saturday, 22 May 2010

Clean power

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In 2001, I knew boiling water gave off radiation! I even knew it produced steam with a 20 C super heat, and made He. Thus on my PhD I proposed using a Carnot, helical turbulence, heat exchanger in place of a cooling tower.
Thank you for the idea of helical turbulence by the way. So we get off 20 C in the boiler room, and also in the turbine hall.
If we use Nimonics today, we should give them a Ti plate. The best blades are ceramic, coated with a layer of TiO by the way!
Then we can run the blades at 2,200 C, rather than 1,800 C. Turbine hall give off Gamma Wave Radiation as we do molecular nuclear fusion by the way.
We have a mixture of turbulence and FCC fusion here. So steam engines run off nuclear fusion by the way! Or should I say, expansion steam engines – as condensing engines do not.
So a helical turbulence heat exchanger will actually do molecular nuclear fusion, but we end up with the system heat, boiling, FCC and turbulence, plus cooling molecular nuclear fusion.
This is why PWRs use a steam cycle, and produce too much heat for E=mc2
But we do not need to do toxic nuclear fission. On return from Egypt my head was full of the idea from 2001.
Run a water boiler as a Windermere kettle, and loop back 40% of the steam (At a guess)
Use the rest, after a small vent to ensure we have sufficient super heat, to generate power: This we use to drive a house or power a car!
We then condense the used steam on a helical turbulence heat exchanger, and return 85% of the heat to the boiler room. This is the system heat, plus 20%.
So we immerse the hot end in the water boiler, and have a closed system, that turns water into He and O. Both totally harmless –and are produce by all power stations on Earth today.
So we add a bottle of water a year. No petrol, no CO2, and no toxic death.

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