Sunday, 30 May 2010

Physical Fusion

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
CERN gets $150 billion a year to look into nuclear fusion. All the time nature turn water into He and O, plus heat and electro magnetic radiation: It does molecular nuclear fusion!
Chaos wins out!

Think off water as O, bonded to two tiny H atoms: They are exposed, and subject to colliding, if we have fluid turbulence. And nature is full of turbulence.
Then we from he and O, plus a lot of heat and electro magnetic radiation: We actually forms He2+, and OH2-: The OH2- falls towards the ground, but the He2+ rises into the air.
In heavy rain storms, we have the chaotic interaction of water molecules. So that the H atoms interact more strongly than the strong atomic force drives them apart.
So we get molecular nuclear fusion!
2H2OHe2++OH2- and 2OH2-H2O+O.2-+2e-
And O.2-+O2O3
The He2+ floats to above the clouds, the negative electrical charge ends up at the ground. Once we have 5,000 Volts, and 100 Amps, we get a lightening bolt: All the while, our nose can smell the O3.
So the down stroke discharges the charge built up by rain doing physical molecular nuclear fusion.
But this sets up a steam plasma. The chaotic flow of electrons up through a steam plasma does so much molecular nuclear fusion! We are talking about 1.2 x 1020 Watts.
At a guess, that is the total power usage of the US for a decade! From one lightening bolt.
But they are 2 cm wide, and 1,5 km long! But if we set up a 10 cm long tube, we can get 6,000 MWatts continuously.
Once started such a tube will continue shining, while we top up with water. So power with no CO2, or toxic death! No fossil fuels burn.
A flame of fossil fuels doe molecular nuclear fusion, but there are far better, cleaner and cheaper ways to do nuclear fusion.
MIT are looking at an H plasma tube. This will work – but rather too well! A steam plasma tube is a far better idea.
But nature abounds with molecular nuclear fusion!
Fields of green crops in the light do it – and produce O3, O., CH4 and He. The O3 can be detected by the human nose.
Water falls produce He and O3 – back to the nose again! And the water at the base is 20 C warmer than the top – and forms a region of warm mist.
Breaking waves do the same! He and O3, plus heat again.
So that $150 billion can be used to give man fusion power. Nature has been doing it for 3.8 billion years- from H2O!

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