Friday, 17 September 2010

2,000 year old science


    The Romans used a sudden rush of water, to wash mountains or gold bearing rocks away. It they had just drilled down to geothermal water, they would have found it came up with heavy metals dissolved in the high pressure water.

    So they were doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion! And using this to abrade rocks. We still have the site of such mining, and the rocks will carry a radioactive signature! It is vital the world now knows Molecular Nuclear Fusion is going off all around us!

    Yes man's steam cycle also does it – and it is vital we are told that! So a turbulent flow of high pressure water c0onvers that water into He, O, heat and nuclear radiation.

    Just boiling water in a kitchen does it! Once we know it, we can devise power machines that burn no fossil fuels, and do no toxic nuclear fission.

    So it may well save life on Earth!

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