Wednesday, 29 September 2010

CO2 is growth

To boost production from a greenhouse we add additional carbon dioxide. This does not mean all the more carbon dioxide in the air, as a plants turn it into a plant bulk and oxygen.
The same happens in the free air of the earth. Mike and his have had the additional carbon dioxide for the last 200 years. As Harvard University has confirmed this is not affected the level of carbon dioxide in the free air.
Rather it has increased plant production by 15%. There is no more carbon dioxide in the air than there was 200 years ago. This you were taught in high school biology. No University learning, but the stuff you work for when you 11 years of age.
So all the AGW and ACC fiction was produced by the stooges to nuclear power who knew no high school biology. They talk a flee in from ‘Solent green’ and mesmerising the world with their public relations for 30 years.
So there is more life on earth due to mans’ carbon dioxide, though there is no more free CO2 in the air. So man engine’s don’t affect the weather on the earth. But nuclear fusion is still toxic death and kills life.
CO2 increases for life on earth.

Jonathan Thomason

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