Thursday, 2 September 2010

CO2 is life

At high school I was taught that green plants in the light take in CO2, and excrete O2. During the night they take back in a bit of the O2. But the amount of plant life on Earth is linked to available CO2.
Man’s chemical engines take in O2, and release CO2 – it is all down to Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Plants release He because of this – but so do animals – and release gamma wave radiation.
So animal life is in balance with plant life: More plant life, more life on Earth! But man’s engines act as super animals.
So we are burning the Fossil Fuels that formed at the end of the dinosaur age when there was 60% more life on Earth. So plants take in the extra CO2.
At the end of every day, they leave only 0.0002% CO2 in the air. Harvard University has checked! No increase in CO2 ever!
Though it was higher naturally in the ice-age. So man has not affected free CO2 in the air – he has just increased life on Earth.
So no Global Warming or Climate Change possible! There has been no man-made increase in CO2 in the air! Which is why they go on about emissions – there is no increase in free CO2 they can detect in the air! There isn’t one.
So where did Global Warming and Climate Change come from? The stooges to nuclear power. And nuclear power knows everything about killing life on Earth. Nothing about increasing life on Earth.

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