Monday, 13 September 2010



    In 2001 Prof Zimmerman told me that fluid turbulence could give us Nuclear Fusion! He was not sure, but it seemed possible! We need the atomic interactions to overcome the strong atomic force.

    He was talking about for H gas, and here the single electron is out of the way for 20% of the time. In 2003 I wondered why we did not seem Molecular Nuclear Fusion. We do.

    In water falls, breaking waves, animal blood systems and steam engines. Green plants in the light use light to induce Molecular Nuclear Fusion – so photosynthesis is light induced Nuclear Fusion. How do we know?

    Green plants liberate Gamma Wave Radiation – which is a sure sign of nuclear stuff, and there is no nuclear fission! As radioactive isotopes are toxic to life. They also produce O and He: OK, O gas is not uncommon! Mostly from breaking wave and water falls – how interesting.

    But there is no chemical source of He. Plants make it by fusion two Hs from water. They also convert CO2 and water into CH4 and out O. The CH4 forms carbohydrates, the O forms the O3 we smell in fields of green crops, waterfalls and breaking waves – quite obvious really.

    Then I got lateral. We know Na plasmas give off Gamma Wave Radiation as they work. They have to be burned in at high voltage to work! This fissions the Na into He and H. This is nontoxic, and is why a fluorescent tube loses weight, and then stops working! The matter has ended up as heat and light.

    So a thought of steam plasmas, and then went surfing for a couple of years. And I found nature makes steam plasmas.

    In a lightning strike we get a weak down stroke, but the main discharge is an up stroke, through a steam plasma – formed in the moist air. It liberates 1.2 x 1020 Watts. Which is 5 years total power usage by the US, in 3 seconds.

    At hot-smokers, the bubbles of steam through high pressure water does Molecular Nuclear Fusion, and this forms a steam plasma in the seas, which acts as a miniature sun, supporting a massive ecosystem, away from the sun. Localised around the hot-smoker, so we know it isn't due to the gentle drift down of biological waste: It is created by the hot-smoker.

    By lightening is impossible to predict, and hot-smokers are in the deep. OK, fire up a steam plasma in a tube. A 1 meter steam plasma will liberate 6 MWatts continuously, and once started draws no current to maintain it.

    No CO2, and none of the toxic death of present nuclear power; we convert regular water into heat, and hence power. All of the H and O are gradually fissioned into light and heat. We do get Nuclear Fusion though. But we also bond the protons that are the H nucleus, with the electrons: They do not orbit, but collide chaotically.

    This forms a neutron, which bonds with other nuclei, and causes them to fission down to H, and then light. There is no radioactive end product! We from heat and electromagnetic radiation. If we sit the tube in a water tank, we get steam.

    This we use to generate power, with no fossil fuels burn. No toxic fission rods. Using technology that was sorted out in the 1950s. We get 4 times the power of present nuclear fission, but no U or Pt use, and no toxic end product.

    I will not make bombs or death. The deep sea does Molecular Nuclear Fusion, and 60% of the heat the Earth uses comes from this source. All biological systems do Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Life is driven by it.

    Doing nuclear fission from U makes death. Doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion is how life works! One more place, your own blood system, as you heart beats. That is why you breathe out He.

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