Friday, 10 September 2010

Global Warming is lies

Biology’s carbon cycles says Global Warming was always lies. Plants take in CO2, excrete O2, and make plant bulk. At the end of the Cretaceous plants hit a brick wall, as they could only process the CO2, they had respired at night.
So animals evolved to breathe in O2, the waste gas of plants, and combine it with plant matter they had eaten, to excrete more CO2. So O2 was the greatest polluter in Earth’s history. CO2 the gas of life.
And plants are still at it – taking in CO2, and excreting O2. The limit to their growth is the available CO2. End of every day, there is only 0.0002% CO2 left in the air, in temperate and warm regions. The Polar air circulates, so globally 2 ppm is all we see.
Harvard medical school checked it out! My contact was about cancer, so I presume I gave them a push to check it out.
They found crop yields have gone up 15%, but CO2 levels had not changed from 2 ppm – the level after CO2 FELL from 4 ppm at the end of the little ice-age.
We can actually tweak the genome of plants to get better at dumping O to the air, when more CO2 will be taken in. I would not advise tampering with nature here though.
So CO2 is the gas of life, man-made Global Warming and Climate Change are lies.

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