Saturday, 4 September 2010

H flame


    Even in the air, an H flame does nuclear fusion! Forming He and O! It gives off gamma radiation – a sure sign that nuclear stuff is going on. This is why we use a rocket of H and O to get into space!

    The Russians found high pressure H did better – as we do more Molecular Nuclear Fusion! So we can sue some of the current produced by a power plant, to turn water into He and O – which when burned will power the station. The press is not interested, as they get paid 9by nuclear power) to write articles on Global Warming and organic carbon!

    Harvard University checked this out, and found CO2 has not changed in 200 years! Global Warming is just fiction from nuclear power – which are toxic death.

    If they changed over to Molecular Nuclear Fusion, they would very very cheap, and produce only he and O, plus Gamma Wave Radiation and heat – like the deep does.

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