Sunday, 19 September 2010

Life uses CO2 to do fusion


Plants TAKE in CO2 and H2O, to do Nuclear Fusion.

CO2+3H2O->He+CH4+O.+γ+E1 This is plant biological Molecular Nuclear Fusion

Then mCH4+nOH->mCn(H2O) Different carbohydrates bond H2Os to the C. But you get the idea! 2Hs->He – Nuclear Fusion!

Animals do

mCn(H2O)+n/2O2->mCO2+n/2H2O↑+(m-n)O.+He↑+E2+γ again loads of equations to balance – you may guess I am a chemist.

So all life does 2HYs->He++E. So life is fusion driven – using CO2! Animals evolved at the end of the Cretaceous, where there was too little CO2 in the air. So at the end of every day, CO2 us at 2 ppm – the bottom limit for photosynthesis. In the Arctics it would be higher, but the wind shifts the air around this planet, so globally 2 ppm.

Only local variations are possible, and they do not matter! As cities and towns are such small areas globally. So Global Warming and Climate Change are fiction from nuclear power who are desperate to get new plants, before the existing plants are taken out of service.

In the US 30% of the nuclear plants are over 30 years old -0 when their working contract is 25 years. This is illegal and dangerous. The world is so mesmerised by their Global Warming PR, they have lost focus! Nuclear power is toxic, dangerous, polluting and uneconomic, and occasionally will kill half a continent! Or at least make them glow at night.

I was at University when Chernobyl happened, and even before then I thought nuclear power made no economic sense! Decommissioning nuclear plants exceeds all the profits of the plant – and then we get the cost of storing used fuel rods for 100,000s of years! Such a bad idea.

But nature does Nuclear Fusion from water! It turns out so does man's steam cycle. We can design it, so it is powered by its own outlet of heat, and produces no CO2. Which plants will hate, as they take in CO2.

Which is why, as confirmed by Harvard, free CO2 in the air has not changed for 200 years. Global Warming and Climate Change are nuclear fiction, designed to kill.

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