Friday, 10 September 2010

Limit to life


    Is CO2! On Earth plants take in CO2, and excrete O2, and make plant bulk. At the end of the Cretaceous life hit a brick wall – as there was very little CO2 about. Life got out of this hole, as animals evolved.

    They took in O2 – the waste gas of plants, and combined it with plant bulk. This gave access to residual photosynthetic energy: Or really it did more biological Molecular Nuclear Fusion. But that is too much to explain here.

    So CO2 is the3 gas of life, O2 is the greatest polluter in life's history. Go ask a biology student to explain the carbon cycle to you. So where did Global Warming come from?

    The stooges to nuclear power, who did physics, but not biology. They considered CO2 a pollutant: WRONG! It is the basis for all life on Earth. So man's c chemical engines make us a super animals, increasing life on Earth.

    As Harvard university put on record in August 2010, plant yields have gone up 15% since the industrial revolution, but free CO2 in the air is fixed at the bottom limit of photosynthesis. 0.0002%. Fixed for the last 200 years. At the end of every day, CO2 is fixed – it has never increased in human records! Minerals show it is higher in an ice-age though. Global Cooling big time.

    So man-made Global Warming and Climate Change, PR by nuclear power and its stooges. Nuclear power is toxic death! Massively polluting and expensive. Totally uneconomic and toxic to all life on Earth.

    CO2 is the friend of all life on Earth: Go choose!

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