Thursday, 9 September 2010

Natural Weather


    The weather has short term cycles of 28 years – caused by solar emission cycles. After Chernobyl, nuclear power was desperate to make itself 'green'. It isn't! It is toxic and polluting. And worryingly, accidents come along periodically, and we are due for the next one!

    We had Windscale, Chernobyl, 3 Mile Island – and the next one will be a biggey! So if you live with 200 miles of a nuclear facility, move! Unless you want to be irradiated, and have glowing children! I have a problem with death, so I don't mind you dying – just leave me out of it. The way nuclear accidents go around the world, that won't happen!

    I learned about the carbon cycle at school: Plants take in CO2, and excrete O2. Animals breathe in O2, and combine it will plant bulk to release CO2! It is called the carbon cycle and is taught around the world! So CO2 is the gas of life, O2 the great polluter. No CO2, no O2 and no life on Earth.

    One of the big producers of CO2, is building. Nuclear power also mines, purifies and ships U ore. So it releases as much CO2 as burning fossil fuels. So really they should not have picked on CO2 – the gas of life, as the gas that the lack of its production would make them green.

    But with no historical backing, their stooges said CO2 would warm the weather. Then from 2005 the weather moved into a cooling phase: Then is 2009, after nearly 40 years of 'Global Warming', we had the coldest winter in the Northern hemisphere.

    We are getting more floods, and things are cooler, so nuclear power changed tack to give us 'Climate Change'. Really they are saying it is caused by man's CO2 – ignoring the natural weather cycles. Just shows they do not know biology or climatology. I am an engineer, who was doing a PhD in 2001 on Global Warming.

    That PhD got ended by the funding agencies when I started to say Global Warming was PR by nuclear power. AS nuclear power give too much cash to the funding agencies. So really I was being told I was on the right track.

    So I was then busy researching the diseases of age, and had a contact at Harvard Medi8cal School: I was still working on Global Warming, so copied my messages to him. 2 ½ years ago I sent him the above, and they went and checked it out! The article was published in New Scientist three weeks ago.

    Interesting, as New Scientist have been publishing stuff on Global Warming since 1984. One of their predictions was sea levels would rise by 15 feet by now! Luckily they were off base, as NO sea level rise has been detected. This week I read that sea level rises were unstoppable. Probably. But nothing to do with man!

    Harvard has said there has been no change in free CO2 for 200 years. What has happened, is that for the last 200 years more plants have grown, and take in all man's CO2. Down to the 0.0002%, this is the natural limit for photosynthesis.

    So man-made Global Warming and Climate Change are fiction by nuclear power – and stooges like Tim Lenton, of the University of East Anglia, UK – who so should not be involved in education. The sea level rises were fiction based on fiction. An extension of phantom science devised by nuclear power.

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