Sunday, 26 September 2010

No change


    CO2 levels in the global air were at 2 ppm before man: Though they did rise in ice-ages. That is 0.0002%. This is 5000 times below the level to have any effect on the air. But all animals would be dead by then.

    So it follows the wax and wane of plants, and is too minute a trace gas to have any effect on the air. But nuclear power had invested ¼ UK pounds in their fiction, so took to measuring CO2 in cities, at diesel exhausts. Cities make up 1/100,000 of the Earth's surface. And diesel exhausts make up 1/10th of a millionth of the air in a city.

    So nuclear power got a CO2 reading of 0.00037%, then 0.00127%, and then 0.00327%. All still just too low. So I got Harvard to check it out!

    The amount of life on Earth is limited by the available CO2, and plants sink this to the minimum for photosynthesis – our 0.0002%. After 2 years of mineral analysis they published the fact there had been 0.0002% CO2 in the air for the last 200 years: Before that we had the little ice-age, so from natural emission, free CO2 in the air was higher.

    Excuse me, but if CO2 warmed the air, there would never be an ice age. So CO2 is stuck at 2 ppm, and since 2005 the world has been cooling. Last winter was the coldest winter in the Northern hemisphere for 100 years!

    And this winter will be cooler! Though 1982 was a bad winter, so this predicted 2009 would be bad – it is a natural cycle. Nothing to do with man! The 50s were bad winters, so it is due to get very cold!

    In fact academics were making a lot of money from predicting the next ice-age, before 1976, and nuclear power opened its cheque book for any scientist who would write bad stuff about burning fossil fuels.

    It turns out releasing CO2 creates more life on Earth, and green plants ensure that there is no rise of CO2 in the air.

    So any scientist who has ever written about Global Warming or Climate Change has a good career waiting for them in writing fatal fiction.

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