Friday, 17 September 2010

No Climate Change


    In 2001 I told Prof Zimmerman how to reduce CO2 from man's machines by 90%. On the next Monday my PhD got ended for no reason: So I had solved 'the biggest problem out there'. Actually Global Warming and Climate Change are PR by nuclear power, and the biggest cash source for collages: And so far from being real or true, academics will milk it – right up to a new generation of lethal plants being built – with their connivance.

    A month ago New Scientist published an article from Harvard University, saying green plants had pegged free CO2 for the last 200 years: So no Global Warming or Climate Change – but the stooges to nuclear power at New scientist are still publishing articles on organic carbon.

    Though CO2 levels have no increased in recorded history. So I have put my ideas on replacing a cooling tower with an efficient heat exchanger out there. The impotence here is it reduces fossil fuels burn, and so CO2 production by 90%.

    So back to levels last seen before the industrial revolution. So Global Warming and Climate Change are phantom science, which were NEVER true.

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