Friday, 24 September 2010

No expansion


There are no black holes, only non-radiant stars that are brown giants. They become X-ray sources then go nova. They tend to suck in antimatter at the poles, so we see jets of X-rays, as this annihilates with matter in the star. They are Fe stars, no nuclear fusion then takes in energy, until we get up to U – so the star sits there, and then goes nova.

So no big bang – as there are no singularities out there. And the universe is not expanding from the BB. After 14 billion years 'scientists' tell us the rate of expansion is speeding up – so they have stuff wrong!

The red shift we see from distant light is red shifted, but not by the star moving away! That Doppler idea is from the 1950s, and so last century. As the light travels through interstellar space, it interacts with antimatter.

The last doesn't group together like stars, it exists as a fine mist on ant hydrogen, in interstellar space. It is driven back by light, so keeps its distance from a radiant star.

But then we come to a brown giant, sitting there, not emitting light. So we get an in fall of antimatter at the Poles. So gradually as the star gets more and more antimatter into its fabric. It is repulsive, and trapped between attractions to adjacent matter atoms.

So we get an emission of X-rays as we get annihilations, but the star is getting less and less attractive. Then suddenly it explodes in a nova! Returning its energy to the cosmos, and scattering heavy atoms through space. That is where all the atoms in your body came from: Except the H.

This is formed as light particles combine in outer space, and are drawn into a star. So no Big Bang, no Black Holes, and no expanding universe. Time for some new thinking from the clever idiots.

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