Tuesday, 21 September 2010

No Nuclear

By JonThm9@aol.com

    In the last six months before Gordon Brown's Labour rabble were voted out, he promised Sheffe4ild ForgeMasters 60 million UKPs. That was the ultimate poison chalice for the new government. Nuclear power is fatal, and a total vote loser.

    The coalition rescinded that money: And ForgeMasters had failed to find any partners! Nuclear fission is too expensive and toxic: And then we get a Chernobyl – which would bankrupt countries!

    After Chernobyl they got their stooges to think up 'Green' reasons to do fatal fission! They came up with Global Warming. Totally unsubstantiated fiction. They said CO2 would warm the weather: The weather has short term cycles of cooling and warming, which lasted 28 years.

    Copenhagen fell in 2005: Why was this year chosen for a final push to get new plants of death built? Copenhagen was 'the last chance to build new nuclear plant'. Correct, that was the year the global climate would start cooling.

    So nuclear power moved their PR over to Climate Change. Saying CO2 would affect the weather in some unknown way. Or in other words we would have cooler weather. So probably more floods.

    They even fund my video people to make films on Climate Change: Despite the fact they admit to knowing nothing about the weather: Is nuclear power scraping the barrels or what!

    In 2008 I made a little video saying green plants took in CO2: This was O level biology. Harvard spent two years checking this out, and the mineral evidence of eh earth says free CO2 in the air had not changed for 200 years. Bit of a killer that one! It is not emissions that affect the weather, it is the free CO2 left in the air. In the 18th century CO2 was higher! It is a climate follower, reacting to the number of plants doing photosynthesis.

    So we are at the bottom limit for photosynthesis, which is 0.0002%. Has been for two hundred years.

    Nuclear power is still toxic, polluting, lethal and uneconomic. So very not 'Green'. It does make you glow in the dark though!

    In 2001 this was my PhD area in Sheffield, but they get too much money from the funding agencies, which get money from nuclear power. And research money is always tight! More so today.

    In 2003 I thought up Molecular Nuclear Fusion. This sees the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam does Nuclear Fusion! We end up with He and O, plus a load of heat. From regular water.

    The steam cycle does it – so nuclear power uses Nuclear Fusion! But there are loads of ways to do it that do not require toxic nuclear fission. My favourite way is via a steam plasma. Oxford University has just got 4 billion UKPs to look at an H plasma doing Nuclear Fusion. This is a good bet.

    As every star in the universe does Nuclear Fusion using an H, or then a He plasma: I would except neutron stars, which get energy by the annihilation of the stars matter with interstellar antimatter: Hence the X-rays we see.

    But a steam plasma is far better for man's uses. Also it is 100 times cheaper than burning fossil fuels. This in turn is a tenth of the price of nuclear fission. So what of nuclear power?

    A slow death. Their plants are licensed for 25 years: It is up to the national regulators to ensure the plants are shut down! Though a year ago the US was running 30 year old plants! Accidents waiting to happen.

    So Copenhagen WAS the last chance to get new fission plants. The world voted. A resounding 'No'.

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