Thursday, 9 September 2010

Not CO2


    After Chernobyl the climate was going to get hotter and more arid. Nuclear power thought this up, sure they would get new plants before the weather changed! After all they released no CO2!

    Except by their rapid turnover of plants, mining, purifying and shipping ore – OK so they actually release as much CO2 as if they burned fossil fuels. But they invested ¼ billion UKP in their fiction, so they kicked this fact under the carpet.

    But in 2005 the climate began to get colder and wetter! Ah. Rename it Climate Change! And go on researching Global Warming. We know it is not happening, but the whole of Global Warming was already wrong. People and built their careers on nuclear fiction. Well, they are only paid stooges anyway.

    So now we are seeing more floods! Great, we can label this Climate Change, and go on researching Global Warming. Which it now transpires makes stuff colder and wetter.

    Well, figure nuclear power, people are that stupid! And we have invested ¼ billion on the idea. Even giving money to the UN, who should be against toxic, polluting industry. But want the nuclear cash – as does the world!

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