Saturday, 18 September 2010

Old science

In 2001 I told you how to replace a cooling tower with an efficient heat exchanger: I actually advocated a helical turbulence tower – which was your idea!
It would have recovered 85% of the system heat from the spent steam – you never did comment on this idea, but my PhD got ended on the Monday. I had told you this idea on the Friday, and then went away for the weekend.
Your big confection to this idea, was it was using 200 year old science. Science taught to me in my 1st year. A good idea, it drove the industrial revolution.
So I went away, but 6 months in, continued to think about the idea. In 2003 I got to the idea of molecular nuclear fusion. I wondered why we did not see Nuclear Fusion from molecular compounds of H.
But we do! So much of it! At waterfalls, breaking waves, deep sea currents, steam engines, animal blood systems, green plants in the light, growing bacteria. So this agrees with the science told me by an engineer who worked for BNFL.
The beating heart gives our Gamma Wave Radiation as it beats. We also get this from the arteries, but not the veins – we have fallen below the activation energy for Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
Thus we need a waterfall over 10 feet high! We need the turbulent flow of steam, over 2 bars in intensity. Interestingly enough, you TOLD me that the turbulent flow of high pressure H gas does Nuclear Fusion.
So Oxford University has just got 4 billion UKPs to investigate H plasmas doing Nuclear Fusion! Only two months after I emailed them about the idea.
This suggests sun’s coronas do Nuclear Fusion, but the interior of the star does not! Which is what we see, despite the pressure, sun’s interiors do not have turbulent flow of H gas.
Which suggest that steam plasmas is the best way man can do Molecular Nuclear Fusion. This is power with no CO2, and none of the toxic death of nuclear fission.
No radioactive waste, and to avoid a meltdown, we want a handy hammer to shatter the glass plasma tube.
All so simple! But still I was working on Global Warming: Though nuclear power went over to Climate Change in 2005, as the world cooled.
Bad scientists are trying to edit the climate data to suggest Global Warming is true, as their careers depend on it. My advice is, get those CVs out there! AS from this Christmas, you will not be working in education.
I sent my stuff on green plants taking in CO2 to a contact6 at Harvard Medical School. It was an idea from my O level biology 30 years ago.
They spent 2 years checking it out: Surf on ‘ice-cores CO2’ and you will see the data. The temperature is going up, naturally, but CO2 only shows an annual cycle. Harvard says CO2 has remained static for 200 years!
It is limited by the efficiency of photosynthesis to take in the gas! So we see an annual cycle, caused by growth cycles of plants. But the climate was warming, and is now cooling on the 28 year regular, natural, cycle.
So no Global Warming, and no Climate Change: Nuclear power never did figure out what Climate Change would be, which is why academics tried to make a case for Global Warming. But with no increase in CO2 in the free air, both these theories fall at the first sentence.
There has been no change in CO2 in the air caused by man. There has been a 15% increase in crop yield! So releasing CO2 is a good, good, great thing man has done.
No effect on the climate, but more life on Earth. The deep sea does Molecular Nuclear Fusion, so man can generate all his power from water.
Creating no toxic waste. Using a free ingredient. All existing oil and gas plants should replace their cooling towers with one of my heat exchanger towers, and so have to burn an 1/9th of the fuel, and produce less CO2 than man released before the industrial revolution.
So I seem to have my PhD area covered: But Sheffield never did give me my PhD! They were addicted to nuclear money, rather than truth. Or has my PhD just been delayed in the post?

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