Saturday, 18 September 2010

Paid fiction


    Harvard University has put into print, that all man's CO2 has been taken in by plants. This is basic O level biology. So there can have been no man-made Global Warming or Climate Change. So where does the idea come from?

    Nuclear power got its paid stooges to write articles on the hazards of CO2 – but they didn't have any biologists at hand, and wallet. So Global Warming and Climate Change are paid fiction FOR nuclear power.

    The nuclear buys funnel money to the media, to write copy on it! It isn't, couldn't be true – but when did that ever stop nuclear power. 'Climate Change' happened as the world cooled from 2005 – did you never wonder why?

    We have seen colder, weather calmer weather. With lower seas. I fail to see what the problem is! Floods have always happened – nothing to do with you driving a car!

    So plants and bacteria do carbon capture for free! So since the industrial revolution crops yields have gone by by 15% - but free CO2 in the air has not changed! It is pegged by photosynthesis.

    I not the 'Independent' is running TV ads on this PR for nuclear power. How much did they charge? May I suggest a name change to 'Nuclear Stooge' or 'Recycled Toilet Roll' to warm buyers of the level of their journalism?

    Also go buy a dictionary and look up the word 'Independent'.

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