Monday, 20 September 2010

Pressure cooking


    As you raise water to the boil under pressure, you have a lot of hot water waiting to boil. AS you vent the pressure it does boil – in the food. So explosively, that steam molecules hit together so hard, they exceed the strong atomic force for H.

    So we form He, and give off loads of heat! The food also gets slightly radioactive, but it does as we boil it in water – because of boiling Molecular Nuclear Fusion again.

    So if we have a Geiger counter handy, it will go berserk from all the nuclear radiation. If we vent the pressure. In contrast, if we put the unvented pan in water to cool, we will have no Molecular Nuclear Fusion inside the food.

    So when we take it out of the cold pot, it will be undercooked and raw! So a pressure cooker does Molecular Nuclear Fusion inside our food! So we have a devise that does Nuclear Fusion!

    Just boiling a pan does a bit of Molecular Nuclear Fusion, but very little! But a pressure cooker being vented gives us a massive Geiger Counter reading. So boiling water does Nuclear Fusion. So we can design plant to get steam in turbulent flow, and so do Nuclear Fusion.

    We cool the steam on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump, and return 85% of the system heat to the boiler, at the hot end of the heat pump. But as we have done loads of steam Molecular Nuclear Fusion, we started off from 12% of the system heat.

    So we get all the heat to run the system, and generate power, with no CO2. We will turn some of the water to He and O, which we vent, before returning it as liquid, to the boiler room.

    And all this science was from the 1950s. And Nuclear Fusion totally fixes the phantom science of Global Warming – which was only ever fiction from nuclear power: Who want us all dead, or glowing in the dark.

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