Sunday, 19 September 2010

Replacing fusion


The weather started cooling in 2005. This means we will have 28 years of cooling. We will have cooler, calmer and wetter weather.

Don't the floods in Pakistan mean we have more active weather? No Wetter. This means we are also seeing lower sea levels, and more life on Earth.

This is expected. More CO2 and more rain will mean more plant growth. Which history shows decreases sea levels. By 65 metres at the end of the Jurassic, when there was 60% more life on Earth.

But nuclear fission is still toxic, uneconomic and unpopular. Any university seen to be helping with the PR for nuclear power is going to have a real problem getting students.

But the irony is, nature shows us how to do Molecular Nuclear Fusion from water. Green plants in the light, animal blood systems, turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam – for instance our own beating hearts.

Turns H2O into He, O and a lot of heat! This goes on in our blood systems, but also in mitochondria. And it is all written up in the medical pantheon: How else how would I, an engineer learn about it!

One of my stooge to nuclear power complained the sequestration of CO2 was to general for him! He couldn't buy off or discredit – truth!

So green plants today, for free. Take in all man's CO2, and turn it into life on Earth. Both man-made Global Warming and Climate Change are based on an assumption of a rising global CO2 level: Which has not happened.

In our cities man puts out CO2. But that is a really small area! In the countryside plants convert the CO2 into life. And excrete O2 – the waste gas of plants. Animals evolved to metabolise O2, and combine it with plant and animal matter – carbohydrates. And release more CO2 – the gas of life.

Everybody producing copy, or making media on Climate Change is acting as a paid stooge to nuclear power – who pollute, kill, are uneconomic and are basically a bomb waiting to go off.

Releasing CO2 makes more life on Earth. I note one of the recent stooges to nuclear power are the 'Independent'. I would suggest a name change to 'Nuclear Stooge and Death' daily.

But all the time nature is doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion from high pressure water and steam. Producing 4 times as much power weight for weight, for free. YOU do it! It is that safe.

So if nuclear power changed over to steam plasma tubes it would become safe, clean and nearly free! everything it is not today!

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