Tuesday, 28 September 2010

To Prof

Plants save the world

As we were taught in O level biology plants, take in carbon dioxide to support all life on earth. So there could never be a build up of carbon dioxide in the air in the air’
This has been confirmed by Harvard University. There is no more for CO 2 in the air than 200 years ago. But there is 15% more life on earth.
So there could never be any effect of CO2 on the weather. So means-made means global warming and climate change were public relations by nuclear power. After Chernobyl they wanted new plants of death building -with your consent.
Man has never had any effect on the weather –and couldn’t if you wanted to. Nuclear power are toxic death!
AGW and ACC were phantom science devised by people who knew no science. But professors of any discipline are meant to understand basic science.
You are a well educated, power and knowledge based and man. You are well aware that plants take in carbon dioxide.
You will also accept the science that Harvard University has done. They found, from mineral analysis, that CO2 levels in the free air had not changed for 200 years. Meanwhile crop yields have gone up 15%.
It is technically impossible for carbon dioxide levels to rise vehicles by green plants: you knew this and yet said nothing. This has turned her to be the case.
AGW and ACC are thus impossible. You knew this and so do all the academic professionals working in area. But none of you said anything. This is academics duplicity of the highest order.
Please explain.
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