Monday, 29 November 2010

thje Climate is safe

For the last six months I have posted my ideas out on carbon dioxide to do is concerning the DECC, IPCC, and Columbia. So in other words I have to sort out the people whose income depends on climate change.

In 2008 I sent a video on CO2 to Harvard. Stating that green plants sink this gas, so supporting all life on earth. This is an O level idea we were all told age of 14.

August 2010 Harvard published the results of a world wide survey are minerals. They found there have been no increase in CO2 for 200 years: his have been higher in the little ice-age when there were fewer plants around.

So this means man-made global warming was devise without the ever being a data set on increasing CO2 levels. Climate change was just a holding theory why nuclear power tried it, with a new idea.

They failed: they are a fatal, uneconomic, toxic and polluting industry. It thus shows its toxic nature, being developed from the atomic bomb.

Its lack of intellectual rigour shows, in that it succumbs to O level biology. The only reason the world took it at all seriously was the quarter of $1,000,000,000 nuclear power invested in two academics.

Who really have not given by you for money. Can't blame them –this industry has no redeeming features. Biggest problem, it is toxic, fatal, polluting and just kills.

In 2003 I had the idea of MNF, the most important scientific ideas ever. Since when the Professor has belittled it. Molecular nuclear fusion turns water into helium, oxygen, low power gamma waves and heat.

It is how nature is powered. Man's steam and chemical engines all do it –and I learned in 1986! It is so easy to confirm –you of all the Geiger counter next to a boiling kettle. MNF proved.

Such a better idea than toxic nuclear fission from uranium or plutonium. Your own blood system does it as you heart beats. So back to biology eh!

A steam plasma tube does it. My videos on this subject on CERN site. So world breaking important. What did I get? My PhD ended early for no reason.

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