Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The death of global warming

    The warmest year was 1938. The warmest to my memory 1976. Global warming was devised by nuclear power in 1983 after Chernobyl: trying to make her fatal, and polluting industry 'green'.

    The earth's climate was in a 28 year warming.. That was due to end in 2005. It did. Despite the quarter of a billion invested in global warming, nuclear power moved on to climate change.

    Same lie, saying carbon dioxide affected the weather in some unknown way, for some unknown reason at sensation future. Really saying nothing. But trying to protect the jobs of 100,000 people.

    Basic O level biology: plants sink carbon dioxide to the lower limit for photosynthesis –which is two parts per 1,000,000 outside an ice-age.

    I this out on the Internet. The biggest objection I have received in a month is it is 'too simple'. Yes. The although clever professors in the world working on the problem failed to notice that green plants take in carbon dioxide to support life on earth.

    A build up of carbon dioxide in the global air is impossible. Yet, Sheffield University don't dane this idea to be worth a PhD. The idea of the disproves man-made global warming and climate change.


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