Monday, 29 November 2010

Free 3D


I have double vision, so my brain stitches together three dimensional images from vision taken from one climate. It uses there are relative motions, colours intensities, brightnesses … –five of the six tricks at our brain usually uses to produce 3D vision.

This means I get 3D images from HD video. So it does need to be higher resolution imput, but he does not need for three dimensional. I was in the TV shop today looking at 3D TVs. Not expecting it to work. I tried on the glasses, and nearly fell over!

Just like when I as viewing the NASA footage of the Moon it snapped into three dimensional images. And so staggered I glanced at the HD TV's next door. They were three dimensional too. No dearer media and no special SKY subscription. Incidentally NASA never sent a 3D camera and film crew to the Moon. Hmm. Don't mention area 51!

So for the cost of a high definition television, and the three dimensional classes you get 3D TV for free. So let's buy some glasses. 'sorry sir, with no TV we can't sell you any glasses'. 'but I told a 3D laptop in the air a month ago!' I protested. 'sorry sir. No TV. No glasses'

How curious! Sense to me like that trick would work for everybody! So before you buy a 3DTV for £1500, try a HDTV for £700 with £100 glasses'!

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