Sunday, 28 November 2010

HD Moon!


The NASA Moon landing film was shot in high definition. In 1969 this can be done at the Hollywood, not by the camera there went up in the Apollo missions.

So a rocket did it go up and around the Moon, but he was not manned. The footage was mocked up in area 51. The high definition of the footage testifies to this.

    You see I have double vision. So the only way I can see in 3D is a objects are moving or in high definition footage. Then my brain stitches together the three dimensional image.

    I have been to Cape Kenedy twice and most recently I use the Moon landing film. I was staggered to see it in 3D. I read in the last couple years that the footage allegedly shot on Moon was in HD. I routinely shoot this for my video blog. It is easy now. But in the sixties' this was only possible using a high specification film camera.

    That weighed more than a standard definition one, and was wasteful of silver halide film: so the Apollo missions would not have packed such a camera. It would have been stupid to have done so.

    Almost as stupid as to release high definition footage of the Moon landings. For PR purposes it makes perfect sense in the footage was knocked up on land. On the earth. So we tracked the rocket going up and looping the Moon. Their whole Apollo programme was a PR exercise at the interception of the cold war. It was a fake.

    No we could design a jet aircraft to use water injection was started. We can then turn our the fuel oil and we don't need air or oxygen. So we can get up to the Moon now, in a modified commercial jet aircraft.

    A separate issue is protecting against solar radiation beyond the Van Allen belt. I know her to do this –I learned it through my PhD studies into the climate. I found out that green plants have sunk all man is CO2 so its level in the air has not changed for 200 years.

    Man made global warming and climate change were always fiction funded by nuclear power.

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