Sunday, 28 November 2010


    Nuclear power assumed man is emissions of carbon dioxide since the little ice-age had increased the amount of CO2 in the air. This was in 1983, by nuclear power was desperately trying to reinvent itself as green after Chernobyl.

    But they didn't in five any biologists. They would had told nuclear power that green plants have sunk all man is carbon dioxide since the warm period after the little ice-age.

    This means that global warming was devised an idea with no increase in free carbon dioxide in the air. The weather has short term are periods of 28 years. This predicted the warm period of weather would end in 2005. 2005 the climate started cooling.

    Isn't it nice when real science is so precise. Since 1985 'global warming' pundits have based or were scare stories are local CO2 levels in towns and cities. Then it was pointed out to them that the weather was only affected by global carbon dioxide levels. Hence the name – 'Global Warming'.

    This was a problem. For the last 200 years green plants have ensured carbon dioxide levels were pegged at two parts per 1,000,000. This level was so very tiny. And constant. No possible effect on the weather.

    In 2005 nuclear power started pushing 'man made climate change' and global warming have been such a PR success.

    Only trouble was the natural climate was unaffected by man. In particular carbon dioxide could have no conceivable effect on the weather. It was at the same levels as during the cold snap of the 1950s.

    The hall global warming and climate change idea is just wrong. Carbon dioxide has not changed its level in the free air for 200 years. Nuclear power will have to try harder.

    Something factual, which negates the polluting, toxic, fatal, nature the industry is required. Nuclear fission makes good bombs, but toxic, uneconomic power.


Jonathan Thomason

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