Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Life takes in CO2

down to 0.0002% every night. More available carbon dioxide more life on earth. But no more free carbon dioxide in the air. So no possible effect on the climate.

    Locally you can see transitory higher levels of carbon dioxide. The winners ensure the global level is two PPM. It is this number which determines the world climate. Carbon dioxide levels in the air can only rise in an ice-age.

    They are a climate follower. If CO2 did warm the climate, there would never have been an ice-age in earth history. The last one was in the 18th century. So we are due another minor glaciation now.

    Man made global warming and climate change were PR by the paid stooges to nuclear power. The ideas were evolved to try and get more uneconomic, lethal, polluting and toxic plants built; after Chernobyl killed and polluted a third of Asia.

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