Thursday, 25 November 2010


    There is a massive overabundance of green plants on the earth. The limit to life is the availability of carbon dioxide. From the 18th century man has started emitting more CO2 than he exhales.

    So all man's carbon dioxide has been converted into plant and animal life. The amount of carbon dioxide left in the air is a product of the efficiency of photosynthesis to excrete O.

    All man is machines have has increased life on earth but not increased carbon dioxide in the air. Thus there is no man-made global warming or climate change –that was only ever again by nuclear power.

    They wanted to get more nuclear plants. That is so not funny. Nuclear fission is toxic, polluting and fatal. And a massive vote loser. Nobody in their right mind will build a nuclear power plant if they did not have a desire to make nuclear weapons. And kill.


Jonathan Thomason

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