Thursday, 18 November 2010

No change

No was only two parts per 1,000,000 -0.0002% carbon dioxide in the air a start of the industrial revolution after the little ice-age has finished.

But all the data on the infra red propertie for carbon dioxide ended at 2%. So 10,000 times less. CO 2 is not super potent. I read that in new scientist three years ago. But by the next week the circumstances the same carbon dioxide was some potent.

So I spent eight years looking for the date are on rising atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide. Never did find it. As it does not exist. No rising levels of this gas no man-made global warming or climate change.

You don't need any global temperature measurements here: no man induced rise in free CO 2 no possible mechanism for man to have affected the weather.

Man made global warming and climate change were devised by nuclear power. Who did not realise there were significant producers of carbon dioxide. By their plant building, mining, purifying and shipping ore, and worker personal transportation.

A did nothing to address the toxic nature of nuclear power. Even without a plant blowing up it produces toxic waste which is lethal for hundreds of thousands of years. It makes bombs but he is uneconomic way, so power generation.

Green plants take in carbon dioxide, excrete oxygen and make plant bulk, and so support all life on earth -including yours.

Plants take in CO2 down to the lower limit of for photosynthesis to take in this gas. All around the temperate regions of the power carbon dioxide is sunk to two PPM every night.

Air move around the planet so this means the global carbon dioxide level is pegged at two PPM. This is high school biology and so obvious. Luckily Harvard University checked it out for me.

They analyse the minerals from around the world, and hopefully looked at ice core records from the south pole: I get emails from their, were there for other scientists do not believe in global warming. And Apparently my videos are compulsory viewing down there.

Harvard found there have been no increase in free CO2 in the air. But there had been a 15% increase in crop yields.

Releasing additional CO2 is the best thing man has ever done for life on Earth. Everyperson working on 'Climate Change' is a nuclear stooge. Including some very eminent people.

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