Thursday, 18 November 2010

Only idiots


    Would base their whole career was 30 years on science that depended on the carbon dioxide level the air rising. Why do I say this? Because green plants taking it in. Outside of an ice-age the global carbon dioxide level is pegged at two parts per 1,000,000.

    In an ice-age it can double. So there is no way his carbon dioxide could cause global warming or ice-ages would be impossible. The amount of carbon dioxide available limits the life on earth. So more carbon dioxide, more oxygen and more plant life. So we also get more animal life, as plants and animals are in a dynamic balance.

    I got this checked out by Harvard University. They found global carbon dioxide had remained at 2 PPM for the last 200 years. So where did the phantom science of global warming come from?

    1983 we had the Chernobyl accident. Nuclear power then realised to get more plants it had to be seen as green on the side of life. So picked on carbon dioxide, the gas of life. Their power plants and ore processing means there are headed producers of carbon dioxide. But they don't have the intelligence to notice this.

    In 2005 the natural climate moved from their 28 year warming, Into the natural cooling. So nuclear power call this 'climate change' as even though they realise that carbon dioxide; saying global cooling wasn't intellectual leap to far.

    Historically carbon dioxide tracks the weather -as put on TV by Channel Four TV in the UK in 2006. There is an income squeeze on media due to digital television, so nuclear power used their chequebook to shut up Channel Four.

    So every biology teacher in the world goes into spasms when they hear the words 'global warming' or 'climate change'. There is a biology sinks carbon dioxide in the natural carbon cycle.

    In contrast nature does not do toxic nuclear fission: it is toxic to life. It sea is also uneconomic compounds to burning fossil fuels. This releases fossilised life from the deep into the ecosphere. To where life hangs out.

    So all the climate pundits are paid shills to nuclear power. Not green. More deadly scarlet. I repeat, there has been no increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide for 200 years: date source Harvard University.

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