Friday, 26 November 2010

Plasmas do fusion


    In 2000 scientists announced gas plasmas were the four states of matter. This is because the chaotic collisions of nuclear line causes atomic fusion and fusion. And fusion of electrons with nuclei causes an electron and own proton to form a neutron. So we decrease the atomic number by one, and make the nuclei radioactive so decays quickly their rating nuclear radiation and surplus neutrons.

    This all sounds very complicated: it isn't. It means garage scientists can investigate nuclear fusion and fusion from low atomic numbers. This isn't dangerous –on the nuclear fission from uranium. It really converts matter into heat and low powered gamma radiation –as boiling water liberates in your kitchen today.

    The linear flow of hygiene gas around the large torous is about the only way of not doing nuclear fusion from H. If they give the hydrogen ions spin as they travel round the torous they will get nuclear fusion. Turning hydrogen into helium and heat like the deep sea does. The deep sea also liberates oxygen gas: it does molecular nuclear fusion.

    We take the electrics from a fluorescent light, but replace the tube will warm filled with steam: charging up from the paint stripper will accomplish this. We then fire up the tube, as it sits in a coffin with one each think concrete walls. It sits there burning all the water into heat and light, and again low power radiation –hence the use of a concrete surround.

    Once started, if we have charged that you up to two bars, the plasma will self sustaining –like for lightening does in the atmosphere. It converts all the matter into heat. With no toxic, radioactive, fusion waste.

    Man is to extremes of lightening suggest a 1 m long two will 12 and 20 megawatts of power. No carbon dioxide. Once started, no mains power. Safe clean and free power. JT M.Eng.

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