Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Abnormal heat

    Green plants have converted all man is carbon dioxide into more life on earth. Is none left in the air to affect the climate. That every biologist in the world will realise. Every chemist will realise A global warming must be coals by other agents.

    The idea of global warming is that all the world will be warmer all the time. The UK has just had the coldest December on record. So the globe is not warming is it. In the 1980s the global warming mob told us that snow would be a folk memory in the July 1 century. They were wrong.

    Green plants have taken in all man is carbon dioxide, down to two parts per 1,000,000. A level which has remained static for 200 years. Therefore we must look elsewhere for a we have normal heating.

    Nature does not do nuclear fusion from plutonium and uranium. It is too toxic –it kills all life on earth. But it is an abnormal heat source. Only man is stupid enough to do nuclear fusion.

    So this is our abnormal heat source. Which is ironic, as nuclear power has invested ¼ billion dollars getting there tame academics to write papers on them for coming global warming. Which isn't happening. But certainly isn't due to man is carbon dioxide.

    It is colder in African, Euro, the Americas and Australia has just had 50 year plants. Antarctica has had suffered record sea ice formation this year: the scientists down there don't believe in man-made global warming. Mind you, and the paid stooges do!

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